I started in Patricia Miller’s Birdsong Writing Class and loved her easy teaching style and playful exploration of creative writing.  I then continued to her Manuscript Classes, where I found just what I needed – a supportive group for working on my specific writing project, led by a talented, resourceful teacher. In her classes, Patricia provides a thoughtful balance of craft discussions to deepen our writing skills, and individual manuscript critiquing, using the workshop method.  She teaches how to edit and provide meaningful feedback to each other. My writing abilities blossomed with each class I took, and every manuscript she edited – each page was filled with encouragement balanced with detailed suggestions to improve content, style and grammar. Patricia is a rich resource for all levels and writing genres.” –Shirley DicKard

No longer able to disregard the pulsating desire to learn to write, I took Pat’s creative writing workshop.  Pat created a safe space for me to explore the art of writing.  During each three hour class she introduced a component of writing such as character development, beginnings and endings, scene, narrative summary, voice and point of view.  The intimate class size allowed time for discussion and sharing our work.  I found the weekly assigned homework useful in reinforcing the lesson and helping me to create a daily writing practice. Class time flew by as we moved through lecture, discussion, and engaging writing exercises.  At the beginning of the course, my number one goal was to quiet the squawking voice in my head that declared I was not creative enough to be a real writer. Pat used her wisdom to guide me in my creative process and helped me face the fears that paralyzed me. As a teacher she brings knowledge and experience.  Her teaching style is positive, fun, gentle, and structured. By the end of the workshop, I was writing regularly, connecting with my own creativity and I had completed my first short story.” – Nichole Bowden

One of Pat Miller’s many gifts as a teacher is the depth of spiritual practice she brings to her own writing and that of her students. Her capacity for self-reflection and careful selection of detail is something that she is uniquely able to hone. It’s in this incremental way that pages build and next thing you know you start to recognize your own voice. Pat provides a sensitive and safe environment where a student can take risks and fail freely, knowing they are supported in the sometimes frightening work of coming to a story honestly. That being said, Pat is also not one to coddle. You will certainly know when something works and when it doesn’t, which will have you progressing with your manuscript in no time. Pat is a wonderful teacher and I have no doubt that you will continually surprise yourself in her class and write things that you had no idea you were capable of. Take the leap! –Heather Donahue, author of Grow Girl.